Jordan Justice


At home and outside (a lot)

Living in the U.S. this year has meant staying home often. While I miss some more community focused events and advocacy work that have been a large part of my life for the past decade, there is definitely joy and hope in being around my wife and kids so much. We've gone for walks pretty much every day, explored new parks, and my oldest child got interested in mountain biking. Now that winter is setting in, we're learning new card games, snuggling for movies, and embracing video games. We're lucky to have stability in work and finances and to have had close family and friends all in good health. Occasionally, I miss having a lunch hour to myself... 🤷🏼‍♂️

Pizza and Bread

Like many others this year, I got (back) into sourdough. A few years ago a friend who sold loaves made with beer and cheese at our local farmers' market was kind enough to share the process with me and get me started. I stuck with it for a few months, but eventually moved on.

But now with kids and weekly pizza night, I've kept a starter alive and enjoyed making pies every week. During the summer it was a great vehicle for all the amazing veggies we were getting from our CSA share.

Once I had pizza down I started working on bread again and picked up Bryan Ford's new book and I've been working through it ever since.

Konvert™ App

My day job at Concentrek provides me with the opportunity to work on their SaaS offering, Konvert™. With a small nimble team I'm enjoying the daily tasks that go into product planning/strategy, and UI/UX design and development. Still love working with React and GraphQL.

Updated December 10th, 2020, from Toledo, Ohio